Why use a professional graphic designer?

Design can set the tone for your business. First impressions count, and potential customers rarely have the time to look deeply into a range of organisations. The way your brand is perceived by your target audience directly affects sales and, as a result, the bottom line.

For this reason, giving careful consideration to the way your brand looks and the values that are conveyed by your brand presence is vital. It takes a lot more than just a working knowledge of design software to create the kind of look and feel that boosts your business.

More often than not, the best design results come when you engage a professional. A design that looks like it was done by a hobbyist rather than a professional directly impacts the impression of your brand. A professional designer can deliver a brand image that clearly conveys your brand’s quality.

The designer starts by getting to know the company, its culture and its competition. They then add colour theory, psychology and a deep understanding of design principles to deliver effective communications that draw in potential customers and give them confidence in your brand.

These elements do not come together by accident. As well as obtaining appropriate educational qualifications, a professional designer hones their natural artistic skills through experience. They understand current design trends, and concepts such as readability and design theory.

Here are five ways a professional designer can add value to your business:

  1. they understand how the language of design helps portray a brand personality that resonates with your target audience
  2. they will develop your brand, delivering a consistent look and feel that is repeated through all media and collateral – unifying the brand experience for potential customers
  3. designers can create a unique brand presence that helps your organisation stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons
  4. they know how to create a communication piece that compels your target audience to take action
  5. their professionalism helps mark your brand as trustworthy, high quality, knowledgeable, experienced and well-established.

A professional designer can save you money in four ways:

  1.  cheap layout templates on the internet often does not result in files that are suitable for printing, which means you’ll need to pay an extra fee to get print-ready files. A professional graphic designer will deliver the files in the right format the first time
  2. the time a staff member spends creating a mediocre design is time that they should have spent doing their job. A professional designer can deliver strong concepts effectively, so your employees can do what they were hired to do
  3. a professional designer knows how to include an effective call to action, making your designed piece more likely to result in sales
  4. experienced designers can save you money when it comes to printing thanks to their relationships with printers, access to discounts, and their knowledge of what works in terms of paper quality, size etc. They can make sure you get the best result without paying too much.

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