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This independent group of PR and marketing companies has been built up over a number of years by owners Adam Benson and Elizabeth Marchant.

Our history

Recognition PR was founded in 1985 as a specialist high quality communications business working in the information technology industry. Adam and Liz acquired Recognition PR as part of a management buy-out. Since 2000 Recognition PR has expanded its offering to also service the B2B corporate sector.

We decided that acquiring businesses was the best way for us to add to our story, allowing us to provide more value for current and potential clients.

Our next acquisition, in 2005, was B2B marketing firm, Outsource. The Outsource business let us add to services provided to our PR clients while also developing its own client base. At the time the two businesses already shared some clients and had worked well together in the past.

In 2011 we continued to execute our long-term expansion plan with the acquisition of Write Away Communication + Events. Write Away is the same vintage as Recognition PR, its client base included some technology and consumer electronics companies, as well as homewares, building and construction and not-for-profit organisations.

The company today

Today we have a Group of three firms that service the marketing, sales support and communications needs of clients in a range of industries spanning business-to-business as well as consumer focused organisations.

We intend to continue to strengthen the Group’s position as the go-to independent organisation for businesses that need to enhance their public reputation, internal communications, increase their sales and improve their customer service.

We continue to seek compatible businesses to acquire, particularly in the public relations space.

Our leadership team

Adam Benson Sydney PR and Marketing

Adam Benson
Managing director

Adam has more than 22 years’ experience creating and executing public relations and marketing programs for companies that sell complex products and services.

He focuses on business development, strategic marketing consultancy, and lead-generation programs for clients.

Adam has worked with many of the world’s leading technology brands, including IBM Software, Oracle, EMC, HP, Capgemini, and dozens of others in Australia and New Zealand.

Adam is currently the National Chair of the PRIA’s Registered Consultancy Group.

Elizabeth Marchant Sydney PR and Marketing

Elizabeth Marchant
Group CEO

Over the past two decades, Liz has worked with numerous leading brands to build their profiles and manage their reputations. She is responsible for client strategy and daily business operations.

Liz has extensive experience in training senior executives and marketers, and has worked with organisations including Telstra, eBay, and many others.

Liz is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has served on the executive committee of Jeans for Genes.



Public Relations Institute of Australia

Our group is an active supporter of the peak membership organisation for public relations practitioners in Australia. Our Directors both serve in a variety of roles within the Institute and recognise the value the PRIA plays in the continuing development of the industry. Members of the PRIA are bound by the PRIA Code of Ethics.

Find out more about PRIA

Registered Consultancies Group

The Registered Consultancies Group represents PR consultancy CEOs in Australia. It is an operating group within the PRIA and member organisations are bound by the Consultancy Code of Conduct. The mandate for the RCG is to provide business-oriented resources, support and peer-support to help CEOs run high-performance companies. Recognition PR’s director, Adam Benson, is the National Chair of the RCG and has been a driving force in its development over many years.

Find out more about the RCG

Copyright Agency Limited

Our group is a member of the Copyright Agency Limited. It holds and administers the appropriate licences required to receive and share copyrighted content.

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Public Relations Institute of AustraliaRegistered Consultancies GroupCopyright Agency

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